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Kind words

I have never experienced the depths of insights and healing breakthroughs as I have with Jill's dream interpretation guidance.


She's truly tuned into a higher power. I felt incredibly connected and safe with Jill. She helped me unlock memories and heal deep wounds I didn't realize were still causing blocks in my life.

                        ~ Angelia Currie, Marketing Strategist                                   

Being in Jill's presence can calm any storm. My first meeting with her immediately filled me with positive energy and provided me with a sense of safety.


She coached me through life-changing events and taught me the value of self-care and self-respect by sharing exercises that helped me understand myself and embrace my authenticity.


I've recommended her to numerous loved ones who struggle making change or challenging decisions. She is a phenomenal coach who REALLY cares!

                              ~ L.K., Business Consultant & Entrepreneur

When you need a professional who can guide you with care and compassion through the process of seeing things from a different perspective, Jill is that person.


Not only does she bring extensive training, knowledge, experience, and skills to each session, but her intuitive insights as well. Her life coaching has helped me identify answers to my issues that I had not considered before.  


                     - I.H., Pastor, Artist, and Spiritual Guide

As a life coach myself, I've turned to Jill whenever I need support and clarity.

She has tremendous intuition and she combines it with compassion, clarity, and a grounded sense of truth that helps open any blockages you might be experiencing. Jill is a gifted coach!

               ~ J.W., Life Coach, Teacher, & Yoga Instructor

I feel a debt of gratitude to Jill and highly recommend her as a skilled, loving, compassionate and sensitive Life Coach.

Through patient listening, gentle questioning, and deep insight, Jill helped me shift from an emotionally painful situation to feeling confident and ready to discover new opportunities. I marvel at the movement I was able to make with just a few sessions with Jill.

                                                         - M.B., PhD Sociology

I'm so grateful and humbled by the impact of Jill Kelley's dream interpretation.


My words fall short and cannot explain the depth of what I have experienced. I know that I feel free in a way I haven't previously experienced. 


                                  K.M., Energy Healer

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