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Through her insight, wisdom and dream interpretation guidance, Jill helped me unlock memories and heal deep wounds which were blocking my life.  I felt incredibly safe with her.

Jill is truly tuned into a Higher Power.

              ~ Ang Currie, Marketing Strategist


Learn to decode your dreams so you can more easily navigate your life.

Dreams reflect a dreamer’s authenticity and truth. Unlike our conscious, waking awareness, messages delivered during our sleep by our unconscious are not controlled by our ego. This is why dreams can feel uncomfortable and unsettling, especially scary dreams, which may reflect the refugee parts of ourselves that our egos either rejected or do not yet understand.


  • Each dream holds a gift – a nugget of valuable information that you had not consciously been aware of.

  • Dreams often accompany your daytime thoughts, feelings, and experiences and can prophesize information about your waking life.

  • Dreams can have multiple meanings and layers of significance.

  • Dreams communicate through symbols and metaphors.

  • Dreams are purposefully encoded so that the ego can’t manipulate the truth of its message.

  • All dreams contribute to one’s health and wholeness, moving the dreamer toward integrating parts of oneself that are hidden from conscious awareness.

  • Only the dreamer can fully identify the meaning of their dream.

  • Working to understand your dreams improves relationships, including self-love.

  • Dream work in groups builds community, intimacy, and support.



Once you begin paying attention to dreams, your unconscious will continually reveal more.  Here is a helpful guide to increasing your dream recollection: 

  1. Consciously decide you want to remember and understand your dreams.

  2. Before you fall asleep, intentionally invite your mind to recall your dreams.

  3. Place a pad of paper and pen within reach of your bed.

  4. Write your dreams down as soon as you awaken. 

  5. Join a dream group session to learn how to interpret dreams.

  6. Schedule an individual interpretation session for a detailed interpretation.



You'll learn how to bring life to dream symbols as if each were characters in a play.  You'll also gain gifts listening to others' dreams and then sharing your perspective as if the dream were yours.  This is a wonderfully convenient way to connect from the comfort of your own home while quickly discovering that anybody's dream becomes everybody's dream!


  • Group sessions are 2 hours long and are generally scheduled on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:30 am CT.

  • Participation is limited to 4 people per session.

  • The names of 2 participants are randomly drawn during the call to share their dreams. Participants are not required to share a dream and are welcome to listen and observe. 

  • Time is allowed for participants to ask questions and share their thoughts.

  • Confidentiality and anonymity are required for creating a “safe container.”   

  • The cost is $30 per person



Every dream interpretation session reveals insightful and profound information that you were not previously aware of before. Your unconscious finds a way to ‘wake you up’ to the truth that is disguised within your dream's symbols. Generally, the more upsetting and scary the dream, the more insight the messages have to offer. 

This wonderful decoding process can reveal aspects of your Self that are hidden from your conscious awareness, and you  will learn how to decode your dreams so you can more easily navigate your life!

  • Private session cost $75

  • Dream session transcript $50  (emailed within 48 hrs.)

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