my journey

One of my earliest memories...

of living intuitively was at the age of 3. In the 1950's, my family lived in a small house that had square metal registers set into the flooring for heat ventilation. The 14" by 14" metal registers were designed with a center grate that consisted of 1" squares. In the winter time, I would take my box of crayons, lay on the floor by the heat, and color the warm metal squares. Within moments, the heat would melt the wax, and the colors would disappear. It was magical!


As a child, I was innately connected to my senses and naturally guided by them.


It was a delicious world of play, discovery, and imagination. The rate at which I continued to grow physically and intellectually seemed relative to my increasingly expansive level of sensitivity, particularly, my 'sixth sense' ... though it took myriad life experiences before I'd recognize this 'sixth sense' as my intuition. And, after experiencing deep pain and loss, I came to recognize intuition as a spiritual gift and conduit to Divine Wisdom. 


Fast forward to age 49 when my world was torn apart by divorce, financial despair and a job that nearly took my life.


As a result of living in perpetual fear and chaos, I lost my sense of Self. My entire system downshifted into survival mode, and over time, everything within me became numb as I hung on for dear life. To keep a roof over my son's head and mine, I accepted a horrifically stressful job with the federal government. Throughout this hellish period, my body kept signaling me to quit the job, but my ego and its fears overpowered the body's messages. Until one day ... when my entire body shut down and silently declared NO MORE! For the next 8 years, my entire life style became one of stillness -- absolute quiet and darkness. A period of time I chose to reference as 'cocooning' ... while the government labeled it "disabled."


Much like a caterpillar becomes mush inside a cocoon, every cell inside of me necessarily melted down in order to recreate itself.


To name this stage of my life as being painful, desolate, depressing and horrifically hellish, is a gross understatement. A trip to Johns Hopkins Neurological Hospital in Baltimore, MD would yield a diagnosis so rare that fewer than 90 people in the world have been diagnosed with it. The primary symptom involved my nervous system shutting down my body whenever there was brain activity. In other words, whenever I was conscious or awake. I struggled to understand why I was alive. If the only way I could reduce the excruciating pressure in my head was by eliminating all brain activity, then I had to remain in darkness and completely still. For the next several years, any slight improvements occurred at a snail's pace.


Then lo and behold!


In 2012, my intuition led me to learn about Dr. Martha Beck - world-renowned Life Coach and best-selling author - who suffered a similar illness and discovered how to heal herself. This inspired me to enter her world-class, intensive and comprehensive life coaching program.


In becoming a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, I also became proof that we have the power to heal ourselves and shine brilliantly again!


But, it doesn't happen by returning to our old ways of thinking and behaving. Rather, it requires accessing our deepest truths which includes creating a discipline of being still, letting go of old behavioral patterns, and listening to our bodies' messages...allowing our intuition to guide us. 


Since 2013, I have been helping women reconnect with their truth and re-ignite their intuition so they, too, can make peace with their past and bravely embrace their authenticity. Amazingly, my health is continually improving, my inner child is free to color and play once again, and my light is shining more brilliantly than ever before!


With all of my heart, I look forward to helping you become wildly intuitive!





Since 2013, I've been helping women reconnect with their truth and re-ignite their intuition so they can make peace with their past and bravely embrace their authenticity.





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