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I am a Certified Life Coach and Dream Interpretation Guide who helps women claim their hidden truths so they can radiate authenticity! Life-changing events can shake us to our core and cause us to question who we are. I am here to help you stay grounded and connected with your integrity.

I believe the magnitude of your light radiates outward when you risk expressing yourself authentically. If you are longing to feel more love, fulfillment, and joy, I can help you tap into your brilliance!


                         Jill Kelley

Jill Kelley Life Coach Fond du Lac WI

 As your Life Coach...


I always have your back -- providing you with unwavering support and unconditional love.  My compassionate listening, empathy, intuition, in-depth training, and years of coaching allow you to feel safe in exploring your thoughts and feelings so I can help you identify where in your life you may be out of alignment with your truth. 


Often times, women feel stuck and unsure of how to deal with a situation. They reach out to me to gain clarity and make decisions that allow them to move forward and speak from their integrity so they can feel more confident and self-empowered.  As a Life Coach, I'm trained to help you identify your soul's calling ... your heart's truth.  I do this by implementing skills that help you come home to your Self.  And when this happens, your heart, mind, and body rejoice in feeling a renewed sense of freedom!






For your privacy and comfort, my Life Coaching services include a confidentiality agreement. 


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